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GREVILLE GROUP was established in London (UK) in 2002 with a view to the preparation of investment projects, investments and a view to the implementation of investment and asset management in the developed (United States, United Kingdom, Western Europe) and developing and the most promising markets of Eastern Europe, the CIS, Asia, South America, Africa and the Middle East. The Group is majoring in offering its customers and partners a unique experience, expert knowledge and practical skills of effective action in the field of running of modern investment projects in the most advanced and promising sectors of the world economy, issues of investment, financing, asset management and operations in the financial sector, retail, commercial, industrial and residential property management, welfare, corporate and investment banking.

The group is the qualified, reliable both effective adviser and partner for the governmental, corporate and large private clients on the basic “target” directions and its activities: training, implementation and support of modern investment projects at various stages of their development. The main focus of the group is consulting, provisioning, financing, support and promotion of large-scale investment projects in the finance sector, the retail trade and real estate in developed countries and countries with transition model of the economy.

GREVILLE GROUP N.A. (Chicago, USA) is the head company of the Group, engaged in general management, strategic planning and operational management of the international GREVILLE GROUP. The company has representative offices and working offices in selected cities-innovative, financial, industrial and scientific centers in the United States and beyond.

The Chicago Office also oversees operations, defines the strategy and plans of the development of the Group companies in the North and South America, the Caribbean zone.

GREVILLE MANAGEMENT (London, UK) is the main operating company of the Group in Western and Eastern Europe.

GREVILLE PARTNERS (Singapore) and GREVILLE INVESTMENTS (HK) - specialized investment units of the Greville Group.

The Singapore office oversees the operations and development plans of the Group in the Asia-Pacific region, Australia and New Zealand.

GREVILLE ASSET MANAGEMENT (Nicosia, Cyprus) - specialized management company for asset management of different by its content and risk level assets in commercial and a residential real estate sector of economy, the Group, its clients and partners, as well as shares and short-term investments in promising projects, technology and program development in the countries with the transition model of the economy.

GREVILLE GROUP CIS (Moscow, Russia) – the company's main operating unit in the former CIS countries. The company's Moscow Office includes the strategy and plans for development of the group in Africa, the Middle East and the Gulf.

For the period 2014-2016 the company is planning to open additional offices in Brazil (Sao Paulo), India (Mumbai) and Australia (Sydney).